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Who Are Our Investors?


Who are our Investors and what is the rationale for investing in mortgages?

Investors in CRB are a combination of people, businesses, and funds looking for low-maintenance, short term alternative forms of investments.  A typical investor is looking to build wealth, gain exposure to potential real estate assets and diversify investments beyond the fluctuation and volatility of the stock market.

Security & Transparency

CRB Bridge Lending and Direct Lending Programs provide a secure transparent platform. All loans are secured by a first mortgage lien and low loan to value ratios on the property. By aligning both funds of CRB Capital and our investors, the profit and the risk are shared. At CRB, our goal is to provide complete transparency with our activities.  To provide this transparency we have developed a proprietary investor portal that shows important information regarding the loan.


Our lending programs and investment opportunities include a diverse range of investment possibilities. These opportunities are:

  • Residential properties that have been renovated for resale. This is commonly referred to as a flip.
  • Income-producing real estate undergoing income stabilization in order to make the properties qualify for traditional financing.
  • Properties acquired from foreclosure sales that can be profitably resold.
  • New sub-division sites undergoing site development work in order to qualify for a traditional construction loan.
  • Partially completed property from a failed developer that needs moderate repairs in order to be completed.