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Construction & Renovation Lending

CRB Capital is focused primarily on the origination of small-balance to mid-size construction, renovation, & acquisition loans related to residential and light commercial properties. 
CRB Capital Fund can help reduce risks related to interest rates and fluctuating market conditions by focusing on lending related to projects with foreseeable completion and loan repayment dates.


This is an attractive market for the following reasons:

Increasing regulations and oversight, in today’s lending climate banks have reduced Bank’s levels of lending and have made obtaining renovation and construction loans a more difficult and scrutinizing process.

Construction and renovation lending is inherently short-term in nature.

Small property developers are underserved by the traditional banking system and have a need for financing from private lenders.
CRB Capital Fund can make quality loans to good quality borrowers in higher volume
than those offered by banks. CRB Capital Fund aims at filling the gap in the
traditional banking system by offering loans that will allow investors to participate in
promising real estate opportunities.