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Investor Testimonials


”The returns I’ve received on my investments have EXCEEDED MY EXPECTATIONS and are above market average.”


“The stock market has been great over the past six years. However, I am feeling this is a time to DIVERSIFY. There seems to be few places to turn. Small balance real estate loan funds are one alternative that offer good potential returns. There are a number of such funds to choose from, and as with any investment, one needs to select carefully. I found that CRB Capital has experienced management, attractive yields, SKIN IN THE GAME, (It’s own money invested in the fund along with other investors), and what may be the best internet accessible portal for transparency of its loan and tracking one’s investment.”


“Maurice and his team have always explained things in detail and answered any questions I had…I prefer real estate investments because the low loan to values REDUCE MY RISK.’


“A major part of my due diligence acceptance of CRB Capital as a premier investment opportunity for my clients is that all the members of the CRB Capital team have decades of experience and expertise to protect us when necessary. As to TRANSPARENCY, which is a hallmark of my fiduciary responsibility to my clients, their website and portal is the most complete I have ever had available. I am most grateful for that kind of full disclosure and reporting.”


“I have been investing with the leadership team for 20 years and have received very good returns on my real estate mortgage investments. I believe the success to any type of alternative investment is to effectively manage the risk vs. the reward. Maurice and his team are highly EXPERIENCED at managing mortgage assets and I would highly recommend considering Maurice and his team for a portion of your investment portfolio.”