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About Us

CRB Capital is a private equity fund, creating excellent investment returns through direct real estate investments and first liens on mortgages.

The Fund is a private lending fund that provides short-term bridge loans for residential and construction projects, on residential and commercial real estate properties.  These are the core products that the leadership team has had extensive and successful experience with, for the past 25 years.

To clearly demonstrate their confidence level in the overall Fund structure and lending strategy, the leadership team has made significant personal investments in the Fund (over $5M as of 12/31/14).

In addition, CRB Capital provides a transparent environment for investors with a proprietary investor portal that offers unique insight into the loan pool, characteristics and assurances that lending decisions adhere to a strict set of guidelines.

The leadership team of CRB Capital has over 50 years of expertise in banking, real estate and lending have serviced on ban boards, owners of private and public mortgage companies, renovation firms, construction firms and property management companies.  CRB Capital’s seasoned team has closed over $2 Billion of commercial real estate and privately funded loans.  They has successfully operated in thriving and distressed environments over the past 25 years.

CRB Capital provides short-term renovation and construction loans to both property developers and investors.  CRB primarily focuses on single-family residential properties, but CRB will, depending upon a careful review of the circumstances, consider multi-family or commercial properties. 
As previously noted CRB is a non-bank direct lender, therefore CRB is able to quickly approve and close loans that may not fit strict bank guidelines.
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Cash Flow

We Seek To Buy Commercial for
Strong Cash Flow


8.5% – 12% Annual Targeted
Returns Paid Monthly


No Front or Back End Loads Fees or Fees.
Just a 1.5% Asset Management Fee.


CRB Capital welcomes individuals to
participate as equity partners in a fund.

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